Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 25th

February 24th

Both of my handsome fellas waiting patiently for a drink from the sink. Weirdos.

February 23rd

Glazed cake doughnut muffins. They're pretty delicious.

I painted my bathroom cabinets too, but I never took a photo of them. It's a weird angle, so I'll figure something out later. Painting the cabinets now means I need to find new bathroom rugs because they clash. I hate shopping for bathroom rugs, they're so expensive!

February 22nd

 Today was a slow day. We just laid around the house and cuddled. It was nice.

February 21st

Here is a terrible photo of my newly updated kitchen. I adore it! However, there is so much light coming into the kitchen from the million windows, that I just can't get a good photo without "white washing" it. On day I'll figure it out.

And, some cats.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 20th

February 19th

This is a new one, even for Amigo.

February 18th

We painted our kitchen cabinets today. Had some unforeseen issues with paint, but we got it sorted out and the kitchen looks great. Pictures to come once it's finished.

February 17th

I'm seriously going to start a blog dedicated to Olive snuggling with other people/cats butts.

Found this at Goodwill. Had to have it.

February 16th

Our new hot water heater is the same size as our laptop. Neat.

Amigo cleans the shower door.

Olive sleeps like this on G every single night, at least until Heidi and I come to bed. 

February 15th

Heidi and Olive really are the best of friends. 

And then there's Jolene.

February 14th

February 13th

Amigo lurves Gerald.

I guess Heidi has become the butt cuddler now. Sorry Olive, better luck next time.

February 12th

Look at my gorgeous chicken pot pie. Just look at how glorious it is! It was delicious, too. (It was also massive since I made it for Game Night. Filled an entire casserole dish.)

Laundry day. Every single time.

February 11th

I wake up to a bed full of cats every single day, and then there's these two. Everyday Lenny has to demand attention, but he only does this to Gerald. It hurts my feelers, cause after all Lenny is my cat. I fought to keep him because G didn't want to keep the "retarded one" out of all the ones we had in Oklahoma. Lenny just doesn't have much to do with me if G is home. And that sucks because he's home four days a week!

After several years of having a hand me down couch from my mom (Thanks!), we finally grew up and bought a new couch. So far it's been working out quite well. I always wanted a sectional. And I got a fantastic deal on it (like I can't even explain how pleased I was with it!), so that makes it even better. The cats are having a bit of a difficult time adjusting to it, though. 

February 10th

I think the window seat was the best investment we made to the kitchen. It gets a ton of use, daily. 

This is a pretty good picture that shows the size difference between Amigo and Olive. (Olive is the smallest of all of them.)

I made a cinnamon roll cheesecake (which happens to be a favorite amongst my friends and family) for our weekly game night. It was pretty well devoured. I left the "icing" off of it this time, and I think it cut a lot of the richness out. Which was nice. I didn't feel so guilty eating the last two pieces.