Friday, March 29, 2013

March 28th

March 27th

March 26th

March 25th

I even have cat furniture in my closet. I might need help.

March 24th

Lenny has a favorite toy. He received it as part of an internet gift swap I participated in. Anyhow, he ripped the jingly part out of it and laid there staring at it for a few moments. He was really sad.

Amigo has a landing strip.

I really don't think this bookshelf is supposed to hold cats and fish.

Heidi snoozes with my arm.

March 23rd

Amigo is gigantic.

We tried our hand at solid food today, but that just wasn't working out so great. We'll pick it back up in a week or so.

March 22nd

March 21st

JoJo (Jolene) and Heidi keep me company when Gerald goes to work.

Today was a busy busy day. From July 2012 to January 2013, we had two litters of kittens that we cared for. One litter of 3, and one of 7. That's ten! Anyhow, they were my life for six months. In the meantime, we also care for down-on-their-luck cats. Since starting this process in July, we have successfully adopted out 15 cats. FIFTEEN! 

I am very thankful that my husband allows me to do such crazy things, and I'm quite happy we are in a position to do so. So fast forward to today, middle of March. Keep in mine we still have Omar sequestered in his own room. My foster contact stops by with 7 more kittens. These are about 4 weeks old, and more than half have difficulty seeing or are totally blind.

It's pretty obvious that I form an instant love for anything furry that comes into contact with me. I simply can't help it. This here is Ollie. He's completely blind, and as far as I can tell the only one that's like this. He gets around just fine, and surprising to me, he's not the runt of the litter. He's a lover and the only one I've named so far.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 20th

Dallas actually got adopted yesterday, but I felt he deserved his own post. And I didn't take any photos today, so there's that.

March 19th

Happy anniversary to me!

I made Gerald a superhero quilt. I actually made it a few days ago (finished in one day!), and gave it to him early, but oh well.

March 18th

If he's not snoozing with Heidi, he's snoozing with Jolene.

March 17th

Lenny's feets.

Don't these two just make you sick? Heidi and Olive cuddle like this all the time, but it's not like they set out to do this. Heidi falls asleep, and Olive sneaks her way in.

March 16th

March 15th

March 14th

Dinner time!

March 13th

March 12th

Gerald and Olive have bonding time.

March 11th

I got an early start in the morning, and I was greeted by this handsome devil as I came home from the grocery store.

These two were not as enthusiastic.

We spent all day (literally) cleaning out the garage and making it usable again. We also removed the old water heater that we replaced last month. This grossness came out of it. We have heavy water, apparently it's more calcium than water.