Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 26th

I had an even worse day today, and did not take any photos. I ate about 45 lbs of cookie dough, though, so there's that.

Friday, January 25, 2013

January 25th

I haven't worn contacts in well over two years, so I'm pretty spectacle dependent these days. I'm really thinking about getting another prescription for them, I sort of miss them. Also, I'm thinking of a haircut.

I made Lenny give me kissy face. He usually kisses me back. And yeah, I know he licks his butt with that face, but how can you resist Lenny kisses? NO ONE CAN!

January 24th

81 degrees in January is just depressing. It makes me miss Tennessee.

This greeted me as I strolled into Kroger. I'm not entirely sure what it had to do with the Super Bowl or the free sushi samples.

I made homemade butter! It's quite delicious, and a little on the rich side. I didn't salt it very much, but I think the next time I make it, I'll add a little more salt to it. 

Oh, and hi mom! I changed it so you should be able to comment without having to sign in. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 22nd

Two of my very favorite Norwegian Forest Cats. They really are an exceptional breed.

January 21st

Amigo has always been interested in the fridge, but today he finally attempting actually getting INTO it. He barely fit on this shelf, but he didn't care, he had steak.

Actually, it was a cheap roast. Chuck roast I think, about 6$ for 4 lbs of beef. It made one of the best pot roasts I'd ever made. I'll definitely be buying that cut again.

January 20th

Got up in the middle of the night, found sink cats. 

Norma is feeling a little more brave, and even spending time out from under the bed without someone having to drag her out.

Olive's "Mouse graveyard" in our bathroom linen closet. She shoves them under the door, then waits for someone to open it so that she can retrieve them.

I also got the bright idea last minute that I wanted to install a digital thermostat in the house. Our house is only 6 years old, but this thermostat is ancient, or at least looked like it. So, I painted the hallway and installed the new one all by myself. I didn't get a photo of the finished product, but it's not nearly as "orange" as this photo makes it seem. 

January 19th

It was a pretty slow day around the house today. I barely managed to get to out of bed, let alone take any photos, or do anything even remotely interesting.

January 18th

Not everything around my house is cats. Most of it is, but there's other things that go on. For instance, I love quilting. I've known how to do so for quite some time as my mom and grandmother taught me very early on, but I've only recently really gotten into it. I love the whole process. However, I should have listened to my gut on this particular pattern. Long story short, I took a class to meet new people, I paid for this "mystery quilt" pattern. I followed the directions, which turned out to be a completely wrong way to piece blocks together. I knew it all along, but I went against my better judgement and followed the quilt shop's directions. Never again, because now I have to take the whole damn thing apart and sew it all over again. I'm so beyond frustrated with this thing, I've left it in the closet for 3 months now!

Lenny doesn't really care, he likes to sleep. A lot. 


Most of the other cats enjoy sleeping in the window bench. Bonus - JoJo (Jolene) nose!

Friday, January 18, 2013

January 17th

The best sleeps are window sleeps.

January 16th

This is what I call multitasking. Finishing off some homemade peanut butter cookies by dipping them in a nearly empty tub of peanut butter. Delicious!

January 15th

It snowed!!!
Not much, but it's still snow!

It only took 6 months, but some fat little doves have finally found the bird feeder. I think they're eating too much.

Orson does a dance when it's food time. He gets overly excited. 

They have to be separated when it comes to feeding time due to some pretty gnarly food aggression issues. Since Lylah is far more easy going that Orson, we tie her up (for a few minutes) on the side of the house where she can't see Orson. She's the one with the issue, so she's the one that has to be tied up. Orson, is usually not tied up and he knows damn well by now to stay away from her when she gets mad. So, because we do the same routine everyday, Orson has developed this dance. He runs, jumps, leaps, and does some serious acrobatics for a chow all for a few cups of food. It's laughably adorable.

I think Lylah is just too old and set in her ways for Orson. She loves him, but she'd be a little less grumpy if he wasn't so stinking happy all the time. 

January 14th

Amigo and Gerald are best buds.

January 13th

Every morning in our house ...

January 12th

I only spent 43$ at Kohl's today .. and I couldn't be more proud of myself. 

January 11th

Norma decided to venture out on her own today (after what, two weeks now?) and grace us with her presence. She discovered that she did not like the flash on my camera. I really should invest in a better one.

Heidi enjoys cuddling, and stealing all the blanket.

Jolene has to sleep with her nose covered. Always.

I suppose I wasn't meant to wash my hands at Big Lots.

January 10th


Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 9th

Lenny and Gerald have a true bromance. This happens every single morning.

You likely won't be seeing too many photos of Olive. She hates everything, everyone, and generally takes terrible photos. I caught he sleeping by me, though.

Miss Heidi doing what she does best, sleeping and snoring. She never makes it all the way through a movie, she always passes out.

January 8th

Heidi doesn't really care how many animals we bring in, so long as everyone knows she's in charge of everything. And, she gets first (and last) taste of foods.

Still trying to get some good adoption ready photos of Norma.

But she's not cooperating.

January 7th

Lenny is such a cute little bugger, but don't let that face fool you, he's a monster. 

Amigo, on the other hand, isn't much of a terror. He likes to cuddle, scratch at any door he can find, and go spelunking in the cabinets. He's a pretty laid back old man.

Norma finally came out from hiding. She didn't stay long, but she's a heavy sleeper. I don't even think she's hiding anymore, she just found a warm spot under the bed and she's keeping it to herself.

My secret santa finally came through for me, and sent me this wonderful comic. It rings so very true, it's uncanny. Hilarious.

January 6th

I made some new wall art for my kitchen. Exciting, isn't it?

January 5th

January 5th was a very busy day around my house. The night before, a friend of mine found some tiny kittens at his work and the mama cat had met an untimely demise. So he called me. These little buggers were so incredibly tiny, cold, and hungry. They had evidently just been born that night and needed some serious attention. I took them in, got them warmed up nicely, and fed, and back on track to getting healthy. 

 They were seriously the cutest little buggers to cross my path. However, I was not in a position to be able to tend to them as I should have been, and for my sanity I went looking for another foster home for these guys. I got in contact with another foster mom that didn't live too far from me and she turned out to be the perfect candidate to take on this incredibly daunting task.

Not only did I have those four kittens for a while, I picked up another foster cat on my way home that day. Her name is Norma, she's got a little bit of Norwegian Forest Cat (which is what Lenny is) in her, and she's definitely a people person. 

 She doesn't really care for anything else, just pets and chin scratches.